ASF Video Recovery

Recover Lost & Deleted Videos from Digital Camera

ASF Video Recovery

Recovers Deleted & Lost Videos from Digital Camera.

Recovers Videos from All Camera Models

Performs Recovery in Just Few Clicks

Award Winning Video Recovery Software


System Requirement

Processor : Pentium Class

Operating System : Latest Windows and Mac

Memory : Minimum 256 MB (512 MB recommended)

Hard Disk : 50 MB of free disk space

Internet Explorer : Version 5 or later


Software Help

"iT amazed me really. within 10 minutes it recovers my accidentally deleted asf file from my digital camera.Thanks to you guys. "

ASF Video Recovery
Latest Articles

Virtualdub error while opening ASF file!

Ever since you have gone through the issue while you are having problem in playing the asf file or the moment you try to open the asf file using a particular application it turns to trigger strange error note on the screen enumerating that the file canít be played.

User generally is not aware of what proper method they need to use so as to resolve the situation and therefore find hard to resolve it. ASF file that is composed upon the basis of objects those are serialized. This file is comprised of file types including Windows Media Audio as well as Windows Media Video.

It has been observed while trying to open the asf file with the help of Virtualdub application it generates error that might be due to the outcome of following issues that are mentioned below :-

  • Corruption of the asf.
  • Damaged asf file.

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Having corruption in the asf file due to the malicious viral application infection, it turns to create problem in executing the file. Take the help of proficient antivirus software so as to fix the corruption in the file. Further there are times we tend to experience problems such as hard disk damaged issue and asf file stored in the damaged drive are rejected to be played. Encountering the issue the additional tragedy that starts revolving in the user mind is whether they will be able to get the files restored or not.

Solution is all there and it is recovery technique. Recovery is the only way that lets you have the asf file recovered from the corrupted or damaged hard drive. You may find multitudes of recovery program that are available online but the issue with them is that after you get the file recovered and attempt to play the file it turns playing abruptly with unusual reaction including harsh or broken sound as well as blurred video quality.

Thus using proper recovery program is always recommended to the user. There is third party software named as asf video recovery that features quick and secured asf file recovery by means of few quick steps to be followed by the user. Thus get recover the asf files from the corrupted and damaged hard drive and fix asf file Virtualdub error with the corruption issue resolved instantly.

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